Image of Artist Gillian Jane & her Mini Schnauzers

Meet Gillian Jane

Award winning pastel artist Gillian Jane has been painting and creating for as long as she can remember, winning first place at a local art exhibition at the age of 12. Originally from Yorkshire UK, Gillian re-located to Australia in 1968. Art became her driving force, attending Technical College studying life drawing for several years then private classes, studying under the renowned artist, Bill Havlocheck, a master of all mediums!!.
It soon became apparent that her great love for painting both people & animal portraiture ultimately lead her to specialize in Pet Portrait painting. With her introduction to the wonderful medium of pastels in 1983, she powered from strength to strength. Her works have been exhibited in numerous venues, winning a string of first places and highly commended. Gillian has sold many works both in Australia and internationally. Having a diploma in Interior Design & Decorating, Horticulture & Garden Design, Artificial Nail & Beauty, of which she was Australian Nail Art champion for several years. All these tools allowed her to explore and enjoy various mediums of art. She also prints fabric and designs her own clothing, creates hair jewelry, creates designer dog coats, amongst all her many talents. Gillian has an incredible ability to respond to your pet, allowing her to convey moods, expression, feeling, personality, mixed in with incredible detail and warmth portrayed by texture and colour. Her special connection with animals allows her to communicate with your pet in a visual language that is understood yet so highly personal and amazing. The combination of a special link with animals, passion for painting and mastery of her craft. Her final creation is an emotional, life-like painting of your most treasured pet.

Pets In Pastel Studio

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Pets In Pastel Art Studio
My Studio

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Gillian Painting in her studio

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Selection of pastel paintings on easels
Pastel Portraits

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