Pets In Pastel Pricing

  • HIGH QUALITY - All my works are created from the highest quality materials,  pastels are lightfast guaranteed 100 years. My substrate for all works are imported from France & Germany, any ink used is Epson Chrome. 

SMALL Image size
21 x 21cm

$325  Head & Shoulders
Suitable for Maltese, Shitzu, Jack Russell, Cavoodle etc
Oil Pastel/Soft Pastel
or Pastel Pencil
  • Full Body $365.00
  • Framing, double matt boards/acid free backing board from $80.00

MEDIUM Image size 
26x26cm  20x30cm   A4 21 x 29cm

$420  head & Shoulders, extra pet from $50.00
Full body $470.00
Oil Pastel/ Soft Pastel or Pastel Pencil
  • Framing, double matt boards/acid free backing board from $120

LARGE Image Size
34x34cm 28x36cm
A3 29x42cm

$600  head & shoulders or full body
extra pet from $70.00
Oil Pastel/Soft Pastel or Pastel Pencil
Framing, double matt boards, acid free backing board
from $160.00



    How To Order

    To paint or quote, firstly I'll need some images of your pet, close ups, clear and in focus, wherever possible. If you have digital photo's please send them by email ( as high resolution as possible), the better and more detailed your reference shot, the more detail I can paint . If you have film photographs and haven't got the use of a scanner you can post them to me and I'll return them in a few days, feel assured that I will guard them with my life!! If your pet has passed on and you don't have many good images, please be aware that I will do my utmost to re-create your precious pet but the finished painting may not have all the intricate detail as one from a good image. Where possible I love to have a little information about your pet, their likes and dislikes, personality, their favourite toys, and indeed, what makes them or makes them so special to you. This snippet helps me connect and feel your pet when I'm painting, remember we spend a great deal of time with each other until your pet is ready to make their journey home.
    My price list is for one head or in some cases head and shoulders in the various sizes. All other requests are to be quoted eg: two or more pets on the one painting, pets and owners, toys, backgrounds and custom size works. I am more than happy to quote, all quotes are free and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed.
    If you decide to go ahead, we will together choose the best size painting for the pet. I'll quote for the completed work and the approximate date of completion, this will depend on my work load at the time. I like to establish the colour scheme and style of where your painting is to be hung so that where possible, I can incorporate some the colours into your pet portrait.
    I require a 25% deposit to commence your painting, payable either by direct deposit, Money Order or Cheque.
    Thank you.